SL381871Et voila.  Nous nous retrouvons à deux mois avec Eleonor.  Et qu’est-ce que la vie est belle.

Nous avons établi notre rythme quotidien, de couches et de rots, de crachouille et de rigolades.

Nous sommes épanouis devant notre petite fille qui, elle, est complètement epanouie devant un tout nouveau monde dans son tout nouveau corps.

Nous avons trouvé qu’elle est chatouilleuse sous le menton, qu’elle adore les bains et son petit jouet “Crunchy Bug.”

On dit que la vie change complètement avec un enfant.  C’est vrai, la vie s’améliore


Life rolls on…

SL381778 Well here we are.  Two months into a whole new world.  Eleonor has forever changed our lives.

We are now settling into the routine of diapers, carrying a twenty-pound car seat, carrying an eleven-pound little girl, breastfeeding in public, bouncing a fussy baby.

Spit-up, changing clothes five times a day (and that counts for Eleonor and me), loads of laundry constantly drying on the patio.

Singing songs, running with a stroller, balancing baby to avoid sand salt and sun.  Surfing with the constant glance toward shore wondering if she’s screaming her head off.

Laughing at her curiosity, her faces, her burps, her neverending wonderment with a brand new world in a brand new tiny body.

Discovering that she’s ticklish under her chin, that she loves face massages and baths, that she can stare for hours at her “Crunchy Bug,” that she loves no-pants parties.

It’s true that life will never be the same again, but all the crazy things we did as a couple, camping on remote beaches, jumping out the door in a split second, sleeping in tiny cars, are still possible.  We just have to plan on that third person.  So we’ll pack another hammock, some extra diapers, and lots of little clothes.  Because life is almost the same, it’s just better.