Ode to the holidays

The holidays are here, there’s no escape

From piles of wrapping paper and tape,

Christmas cards and the dreaded letters

Detailing the Smith family’s every get-together;

Crowds flock to Walmart, Target and the mall

To find the right gift for big and small,

There is of course one stop necessary

To see the fat man so jolly and cheery,

On Santa’s knee children clamor

For a bike, bb gun, or toy hammer

With bearded wisdom he nods and winks

To let the good boys and girls know what he thinks,

Unfortunately not all who pass across his knee

Exhibit the same form of glee.

Poor poor Eleonor, who screamed and resisted

Despite her parents who grudgingly insisted,

She squirmed and she screamed and she let us all know

That she did not trust this man with the beard white as snow.

But despite Eleonor’s deep-seated Santa fear,

She still wishes you all the best for the new year.


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