HOA letter – I don’t want to be confrontational, but…

Please appreciate the letter sent to me by our HOA’s president:


Dear Hallie,

As you are aware, the board over the last year or so has been trying diligently to cleanup and add value to our CVI community by (1) expending significant reserve funds to paint the entire community and (2) trying to impose a fine structure so that we can enforce our rules and regulations. We have done well with our painting of the community but have yet to make any substantial gains towards getting a fine structure in place. That being said, we as board members need to do other things to try to ensure that the rules and regulations of the community are upheld so that all residents can enjoy a quiet and beautiful community.

One way we can do this is by leading by example, which would mean that we as board members would abide by all the rules and regulations of the community.  If we as board members do not follow the rules and regulations of the community, how can we expect renters and other homeowners to follow them? So, it is imperative that we set an example and follow the rules and regulations.

Thus, I am requesting that you please follow our rules and regulations and as soon as possible rectify your current violations or our rules and regulations and remove the following:

1. Having a planter pot on the edge of your balcony where you have your outside storage (This rule is there to ensure we keep the paint and structure of the balcony intact and to ensure safety of the community from the pot falling off the ledge)
2. Having more than two pots on your entry way to your home (This rule is there for aesthetics and to protect the coating that is on your entry way)
3. The two yellow tables that hold pots in your entry way (This is for uniformity and aesthetics)
4. The Christmas lights (While I hate asking this because I love Christmas, this rule is there to respect the religious views of others as well as ensure uniformity and aesthetics.
(The bird feeder on your front tree and the blue curtains in your window, I think are violations too, but, I would have to verify this in the rule book as it has been awhile since I reviewed it.)

I am sorry that I had to write this email as it seems somewhat confrontational, but, that is really not my intention. My intention of this email is to get my community looking great. We just spent over $150K to paint our community, and it would be nice if we could keep its aesthetic value for some time.

If for some reason, you do not have a rules and regulations book and are unaware of the rules and regulations, Co-Lee can get you a copy. This goes for all of us. We should all be following the rules and regulations, so, if anyone else on the board has violations, please consider the impact it has and the message it sends to your non-board member neighbors. Please rectify them asap as well. I know I tried to be the epitome of a rule follower when I lived there and I now ensure my renters follow the rules as I gave them my book and wrote it into my lease. I check up on them often as well to ensure they are keeping my community looking good.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this very important matter.




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