Year One

One year.  One year ago, she became a baby.  A real physical tangible separate being.  No longer a bump, a heartbeat, a movement of the belly.  A beautiful creature that inspired awe and occasionally worry and fear from us.

“Are we doing this right?  Is she hungry?  Should we change her?” 

All standard thoughts of new parents who are thrilled and frightened at the sight of such a small being.  Communication reduced to a pattern of crying, sucking, and sleeping.  In all honesty, infants are simple and at the same time very very scary.

One year.  It goes so fast.  Such a cliché phrase.  And yet, looking back, we’ve accomplished so much.  We can change a diaper one handed.  We can function on no sleep.  We can dress her as she runs.  We can fold a multitude of strollers.  We can anticipate crankiness (most of the time).  We can make baby food.  We can filter what kinds of new foods she can eat.  We can understand her.

It feels as though we’ve blinked and our vulnerable, floppy little baby has transformed into a little girl that runs, climbs, goes down the slide, squeals with delight at the sight of a dog.  Albeit, she still has hardly a hair more than at birth.

But after a year, we feel satisfied that she’s turning out pretty good.  And when you love something that much, nothing is scary anymore.  Just fun.


New York Times article on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.  But some may argue that this day has become almost an irony, a tragic shell of its original intentions.  What Fortune 500 company doesn’t publish a sustainability report?  What large government agency doesn’t employ an environmental department?

But are we really better off?  Do we really as a whole society give a shit about the earth?  I’d say yes and no.  Business understands the marketability of being green, not to mention the possible cost savings of energy efficiency, recycling, material reduction, etc.  The internet grants near-unlimited access to knowledge, thereby empowering the concerned consumer to see beyond clever advertising to the real facts.  And climate change is being discussed on a global level, with an increasing sense of urgency.

But the downside is that so much environmentalism is being shoved at us, some people are stuffed and can’t take anymore.  This is evident in the rejection of the climate change theories, the resilience to accepting renewable energies, and the fear that business will probably suffer from increased environmental regulations. 

In the end, the earth doesn’t need saving really.  It can survive ice ages, tropical periods…it’s what the earth does.  It shifts and evolves, dynamically, slowly, sometimes violently, but it is always changing.  The battle cry to save the earth should be the battle cry to save humans.  The earth will live, with or without us.  It’s humankind that needs saving.

La mer notre mère

Just as a reminder, storm drains, and almost all outside drains for that matter, are not connected to treatment plants.  Water, rain, over-irrigation and everything else flow as-is into the nearest water body: creek, river, lagoon ocean.  

So some days we deal with education, which often means attempting to overcome ignorance.  Case in point.  Someone was conscious enough to bring plastic bags while walking Scruffy, then use one to pick up the dog poo.  But alas, just couldn’t quite get it all the way.   The little bag of poo is now on its way to your nearest beach.  Happy surfing!!

Petit astuce…l’eau pluviale n’est quasiment jamais traitée.  Donc l’eau, la pluie, le nettoyage des surfaces et plein d’autres saloperies coulent dans le cours d’eau le plus proche: rivière, fleuve, estuaire, lagune, mer et océan.

Malheuresement il y a des jours où on doit addresser la nullité des residents.  Voila un exemple.  Quelqu’un a fait le bon geste en apportant des sacs plastiques sur une balade avec Kiki.  Ce quelqu’un s’est meme baissé pour ramasser les crottes en question.  Mais hélas, tout cela pour rien, puisque maintenant ce petit sac de caca est sur son chemin vers la plage la plus proche.  Bon surf!!

Sunset from work


The girl is crawling and standing and has a tooth.  She’s eating almost real-people food and makes jokes.  The ET phone home joke is our favorite.  Look for a video explanation soon.

La petite fille grimpe a quatre pattes et se met debout et a une belle dent.  Elle mange de la nourriture presque comme nous et fait des blagues.  La blague ET appelle maison est notre preferee en ce moment.  Il y aura prochainement une video pour expliquer.


Liz Clark and her amazing voyage

Makes us all dream…

Ses aventures creent des reves…

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